BIM Consultants

WDR & RT Taggart have been advocates of BIM since 2012 and are pro-active with the exploration and integration of BIM authoring software across the practice.

We have gained extensive knowledge of many BIM technologies and processes by using them as ‘Hands On Tools’ on live projects. We are acknowledged to be the local leaders in BIM and are now presenting and sharing our BIM Journey experiences at Construction related venues across Ireland; The Regional BIM Hub Annual Conference, Construction Excellence Conference. We have also joined with Queen’s University Belfast undertaking a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) on BIM interoperability.

We believe that BIM is the most effective way of designing, constructing and managing a building. Building Information Modelling allows any aspect of a design’s performance to be simulated and assessed before it is built, helping us to understand the design completely at an early stage and reducing Client risk throughout the design, construction and operation of the building.

Our Services include:

  • Consultancy services and support to clients across the building lifecycle.
  • 3D Modelling of building & services including clash detection.
  • Production of intelligent Operation and Maintenance Manual using detailed product information.
  • 3D visualisations and optimisation of the construction sequence.
  • Robust project costs produced through the accurate measure of quantities, resource and activity schedules, location based costs and embedded carbon.

Enquiry Contact:

Andrew Baskin